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Welcome to Prabhav Pools


Prabhav Pools Company of India has established since 1997 in Vadodara and also is new Technology originator of swimming pools into Indian market. It has never stoppedthe development of Technology. It collects the experience in One Stop Service since giving advices, design, building, the equipment installation and follows up the maintenance of pools state. With the experiences in 18 years in pools construction more than 12,000 pools had been place all over India. Our confidence and this contentment of a customer can confirm in the new leadership of Swimming pool... by Prabhav Pools
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Pool Ranges








BADU 47 Encapsulated Boots Pumps

The BADU 47 pumps is the boost pumps for complete filter unit jacuzzisand spa. Flow arte is from 6 to 25 m3/hr at 7 meter head. Monoblock-type pump designed with bellow type mechanical seal mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water! Complete electrical separation. Come with special desined fully encapsulated motor.

TE20 Panel Filter

Compact Filtration system special designed for iPanel Liner Pools Complete with
- High Flow eye-ball inlet.
- Wide mount skimmer inlet.
- White LED Under water light.
- High efficiency circulation pump.
The specially designed housing is made from high quality fiberglass and treated for UV and chemical protection for long lasting durability

PSF Sand Filter

Manufactured in Australia, the Onga Pantera sand filter is made from UV stabilised high-density polyethylene. Incorporating the proven Sta-Rite multiport valve and under-drain lateral system, these filters are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools.
The reputation for durability and performance makes the Pantera range firsts choice for quality pool builders

Chlorine & pH Test Kit

Chlorine & pH Test Kit

- Oversized coated energy collector (air coils) - highter COP
- Titanium class A1 double-coil heat exchanger
- Active auto-charged defrosting system - highter COP
- Digital display
- Waterproof display and control panel
- Backwash feature for sand filter

Pool Ladders STD

The finest quality in ladders for swimming pool: Designed and engineered using the latest European technology and machineries. Hand rails (Diameter 43) in highly resistant stainless steel corrosion-proof AISI-304. Durable high quality construction with mirror finish. Equipped with stainless steel or plastic treads guarding against slippage..

- No Chemical Chlorine, no distinct odor
- Environment friendly
- No eye irritation, no hair damage
- No stickiness and irriation to skin
- Operate through automatic controller

J.D. Eye Ball Swim Jet

The finest quality swimming intel & fitting designed and engineered for Liner pool and Ceramic tile pool. That meets the need of the most demanding installations. 100% manufactured in ABS with extra protection against UV and highly resistant against all products. Ideal for every filtration systems of both swimming pools and spas.

EM Series Multi Colors Underwater Light

- Recessed design for minimal projection into pool
- Protrudes only 34mm into pool and compact diameter – 135mm
- Pool cleaner friendly
- Available in award winning ceramic light engine (LED)
- Latest design combined with our DuoSink® &PulseWave® technology
- L.E.D. life of 50,000hrs (rated)

pH Minus

pH Minus is used to adjust the pH level of pool water to be between 7.2-7.6 for the optimum efficiency of water treatment. Add pH Minus when the pH level is above 7.6